Mortgage Rates At New All Time Lows Ahead Of Key Jobs Report

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May 31, 2012 2:48PM

Mortgage Rates At New All Time Lows Ahead Of Key Jobs Report

Mortgage Rates improved again today as domestic economic data joined with ongoing fear of a European currency collapse to send US Treasury yields well into new all time lows. Mortgage rates duplicated that feat, but not nearly as convincingly. After being stuck in the mud for months at 3.875%, the mortgage rate levy broke, giving way to 3.75% recently. With today’s gains, some lenders are at a 3.625% Best-Execution rate for 30yr Fixed Conventional Loans. (Read More: What is A Best-Execution Mortgage…

May 31, 2012 4:42PM

Lines Drawn over California Homeowner Legislation

There is a bit of a dust-up going on over passage of a Homeowner Bills of Rights in California . The Center for Responsible Lending ( CRL ) and the Mortgage Bankers Association ( MBA ) have weighed in on opposite sides of the package consisting of six bills sponsored by Attorney General Kamala Harris. Harris, when she introduced the legislation, said that they had a goal of providing homeowners with a system where the rules are clear, where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone has equal standing…

Micro News

4:33 PM:

LPS’ April Mortgage Monitor Shows Sharp Jump in FHA Foreclosure Starts

4:26 PM:

Fannie Mae Releases April 2012 Monthly Summary

4:16 PM:

FHFA: DeMarco Announces DeLeo to Oversee DeGSE’s Strategic Plans

2:02 PM:

Fannie 3.5’s Regain The 105 Handle as Risk Reverses Course

12:25 PM:

MBS Fall Back To AM Levels; Negative Reprice Risk? Really?

10:03 AM:

Freddie Mac: 15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Falls Below 3%

9:50 AM:

ECON: Chicago Purchasing Managers Index Weaker Than Expected

9:31 AM:

Bond Markets Open Flat; Turn Stronger Following Data

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Rep. Paul Ryan on Fixing the Fiscal Cliff

High-End Real Estate In Manhattan

Bair on CFTC Volcker Rule Meeting, JPMorgan

Today’s Comments

Stan Brody

“Forgive me… “POST CRISIS… my ass… the crisis has been ongoing for some five years… Dr. Shiller and Mr. Case still do not “get it”…”

Ted Rood

“Fundamentals haven’t changed and won’t soon, but the Fed’s intervention in the securities markets (Operation Twist) is scheduled to end in…”

scot shumway

“I find this post slightly amusing actually. There is nothing unconstitutional or illegal about requiring fingerprints for a position (verified by 2 constitutional…”

Today’s Q&A

“Can a conventional loan be refinanaced into a VA loan?”

” Can I get a mortgage to purchase a home?”

“Can a loan officer be employed by two or more brokes in arizona?”


Today’s Forum Discussions


“Hi. I took an FHA loan for $340000 (30 yr fixed FHA) which closed in end of July 2009 @5.125% which I then refinanced in 2009 to a lower rate of 4.75%…”

Ted Rood

“Loan Scenario View All Post A Scenario Loan State: Washington Loan County: — Loan Type: Refinance (Rate and Term) Loan Amount: $280,000 Property Value…”

Dan Burke

“Loan Scenario View All Post A Scenario Loan State: California Loan County: Los Angeles Loan Type: Refinance (Rate and Term) Loan Amount: $460,000 Property…”


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